psp firmware rollback and piracy ...

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psp firmware rollback and piracy ...

Post by badeesh! »

now that UMD rips are freely available via torrents and p2p, and firmware rollback apps and bootloaders are all over the place...

has anyone had the balls to try it out yet?

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Post by MacDaddy »

Nope... I am still totally legal with my PSP... but keen to hear from you when you succumb :loopy:
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chicken.... :flash:
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Post by theonetheonly »

am very keen to succumb, only thing holding me back is a very small ... memory stick duo thing.
That way I figure it is that you need a decent sized memory stick to put all those vids and games on.

The guy at the flea market sells a memory stick with a ? program that allows you to play ROM's and the like. But it costs about R 900 (I think), and according to him, it doesn't mess with the firmware so your warranty doesn't get voided.
Don't know how much I believe him tho.
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