Can't believe it happend to me!

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Can't believe it happend to me!

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Last 3 years i was quite sure that my health is ok. But last weak, my doctor asked me to pass the cholesterol test...
I was shoked with the results.. Doctor said that still there is a chance to cure all the problems i have because of my high level bad cholesterol. :(
So i wrote this to give an advice for everyone! Find some time and CALL YOUR DOCTOR. Just 1-2 hours of your time for tests isn't too much, but your health is more important then any thing else.
Thank you. Take care :)
* aka Britany Muller, UK.
My healthy-blog:) ->> Cholesterol tests kit

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Hi BritanyMuller aka Britany Muller!

I am shoked also that this hapenned to you.

How about some bukakke?
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hehehehehehe. shoking

There seem to be many of these...
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