Crazy men ruining it for us all!!

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Crazy men ruining it for us all!!

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Although I am a fan of the bit where these nutbars say that they enjoy seeing women killed and then wonder why they are single:

Taken from

"About a month ago a dude on the Sherdog forums discovered a budding subculture of men claiming that society was forcing them to be lonely. Three leaders had emerged through daily videos were they ramble on about their cause. Their names are Steve, Bill, and Dwayne.

Steve is a 36 year old man who is absolutely fustrated with the "Pussy Renaissance". He is currently unemployeed and dumbfounded that women are not impressed with his status as a marathon runner.

Bill is a redneck from Iowa that hates women and is illiterate.

Dwayne is a 450 lbs blob that is the descendant of a circus freak. That is not a joke. He admitted in one video that his grandmother was the fat lady in a circus. His grandfather, therefore, is the type of guy that would have unprotected sex with a circus freak. His weight is such a problem for him that he won't even sit on a chair to use a computer because it will hurt his ass. Instead he lays down on a mattress. He lives off disability checks.

Together these three claim that they are lonely because of society. They blame women for shutting them down 2-5 seconds into any interaction. Why? Because the rise of feminism (which was funded by the CIA to destablize society) has led women to develop impossible-to-satisfy criteria for a potential mate.

To solve this problem they want their followers to print out a PDF document and distribute it at coffee-houses, university campuses, etc. They think they will change the world by bringing awareness to their loneliess. They believe women will want to have sex with them from pity.

The PDF document is also batshit insane:

( ... einfo.html)

It was written by the illiterate one that hates women, so you know it's a good read. My favourite quote is "Now when somebody like this watches TV, it's just like me. And they see. You could be watching a show like Cold Case Files on TV. And you see a woman that got killed. And you smile. You're happy. You're happy because she's dead." They seriously want people to go distribute this in real life.

Recently the movement became stale. Bill and Dwayne had harrassed another Youtuber (a dominatrix, you can't make this shit up) by finding her information online and then phoning her home and what not. She reported them to Youtube, and contacted police but somehow she was the one that had her account terminated. Since then they have been a lot less crazy. Still crazy, but they clearly had calmed down a bit."
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