Violent Femmes 5th November

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no worries dude i figured !

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Okay had time to read Alex's post and must say i am going to the next big concert with Alex.

My experience was similar and i would just like to elaborate a bit on it.

I stayed at my house till after 7pm. Guy Elsa Polly Dale and I formed the crew. We got a little drunk although not drnk enough. Alex phoned me to find out if i was in the line - i wasn't i was still at home - so i was expecting this massive queue. We arrived with our cooler box walked up to where the line should have been and there wasn't anyone there. Not even any security gaurds. We walked straight in without giving in our tickets.

We went to the bar and bought some drinks. Fokofpolisiokar started and i liked them. We tried to sneak drinks out of the bar and were caught. We sat drikning in the bar while the Narrow played. They surprised me as they are acutally quite good. I though they would be crap.

The yfinished and we moved to the stage and got to within a couple metres of the front. I was happy because i had a perfect view of everything. The Violent Femmes brought all their equipment on the bus and were amazing. They sound exactly as they always have and have stayed true to their principle of jamming as much as possible. Their songs were long and perfect. I like the collaboration as 3 band members became 12. All exactly in time all contributing in their own way to this beautiful experience. The crawd was surprisingly chilled. Mostly 30 year olds and little kids. Two categories of peopel that i don't find very intimidating. I suspect the kids were there from the extreme sports show and i managed to elbow one of them really hard and they never came near me again.

I bumped into hein and fleur. Hein gave me some pipe that was nice :).

I sang from start to finish and hurt my voice and ears. All the songs were great. I wish i could go again now. It was the perfect way to start my weekend of terrible death studying.

Notice the use of paragraphs and how it makes things easier to read alex?
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shut up chris i have ADD
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